Steve Hepple Live Friday Night!

Friday 23rd August

| Live From 6pm – 10pm | Perth musician, Steve Hepple, is a genuine all-rounder. He excels as soloist, yet revels when playing in band line-ups, as evidence shows in recent years with *Lost Weekend Duo & Trio, *Vulture Street – Powderfinger Tribute, *Australian Made Tribute Show and *Forgotten Years – Midnight Oil Tribute.

From playing in a wide range of cover bands from the early 90’s in Perth to spending a few years travelling and playing through Europe in his mid-20’s, returning to Australia Hepple sensed a change in the industry, focussing on Solo Acoustic and Semi Acoustic Duo/Trio work presented in a professional, yet flexible manner, one that continues to please audiences and venues to this day. He favours a laidback-to-moderate style of play, with a focus on classic pub rock material that includes songs from Bob Dylan and Pink Floyd to Matchbox 20 and Powderfinger, INXS… and an overall leaning to good ol’ Australian pub rock.

Hepple’s Duo and Trio modes (Lost Weekend) serve the same palette of sounds, albeit a little more upbeat via a semi acoustic approach which is all unified by the unique sound oh Hepple’s beloved Taylor 12-string guitar and a commitment to letting the music do the talking.

It’s years of experience at ‘reading the crowd’ and working towards what the room needs in the moment that has seen Hepple score multiple residencies all around Perth and be constantly invited back to play at live music venues.

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